New options for boarding at SSHL

At SSHL you will be offered genuine academic knowledge. But, life as a boarding student is a holistic experience that will give you so much more.

Our society and the world is changing. We have received many inquiries about a more flexible style of boarding. It is important for SSHL to meet the different needs from families and our wish is to invest in a future where SSHL is the natural choice of school. This is why we now introduce more options for boarding at SSHL:

We create a holistic experience for our students in a safe environment, surrounded by a beautiful landscape, and with great nurturing from our engaged and experienced staff.

Weekly boarding – support for balance in life

Välkommen till SSHL!Weekly boarding is planned to be available from autumn 2021. This Monday to Friday option can provide a welcome support for the busy family, where work and life commitments put pressure on the logistics of school and extracurriculars. Weekly boarding will also bring students increased opportunities for extra study support and involvement in extracurricular activities and sports.

Weekly boarding ensures time at home each weekend for students who have the possibility of commuting weekly.

SSHL offers opportunities for inspiring after-school activities in the school’s sports and recreation center.

Full boarding – for the adventurous globetrotter

Full boarding is introduced as an alternative from autumn 2020. This option may, for example, be suitable for students whose families and homes are too far away to travel home over the weekend.
A fantastic alternative and opportunity to truly dive into and focus on your studies, but also to experience a new country and culture.

 At SSHL, you will receive daily academic support, enjoy homemade meals, and live in a caring community.

SSHL Traditional boarding – the best of two worlds

Välkommen till SSHL!Our traditional boarding schedule is also available. In this option, the student will get the very best of their time at SSHL, but also spend some weekends at home and thus maintain regular contact with family and friends!


The school has its own library, music studio, and many active student organizations.

Would you like to know more? Try life as a boarding student!