Published 24 August 2022

Congratulations Vanshika to The Curt Nicolin Award 2022!

Our recent DP 22 graduate Vanshika Anand received The Curt Nicolin Academic Achievement Award for 2022. The award recognizes the academic achievements of students on the IB Diploma Programme at SSHL.

Vanshikas’ fantastic achievement of 43 points was the highest score at SSHL last academic year which puts her in the top 5% of all IB Diploma students worldwide in the May 2022 examinations.

Last week, we had the great pleasure to meet Vanshika on campus, as she came to visit SSHL to receive her award:

Vanshika receives the Curt Nicolin award 2022

Vanshika Anand received The Curt Nicolin Academic Achievement Award for 2022 and met with Assistant Principal Kerry Browning and IB Coordinator Adrian Feehan.

How did you feel about receiving the award?

– I am so happy, of course! But also I’m glad because this gives me a lot of financial help in my future studies. That is really nice to have that support there.

What made you so successful in your studies?

– I think it was because during my first term in the IB, I experimented a lot with different learning techniques and I found what’s best for me early on and that really helped me throughout the two years. I experimented with different learning styles and how I prefer to study, what actually makes the knowledge stay in my mind. I figured that out early on and I practiced it as I went along and that helped me in the end.

And how was your summer? 

– It was great! Because of covid I couldn’t visit my family and friends for a long time. So this summer  I’ve been visiting everyone and catching up with everyone. I went to my home town Bangalore in India so it was a great summer.

Do you have a message to the IB Diploma students starting this year? 

– To start with, they should use the teachers for help, really use them to their full capacity, ask questions all the time and use all their resources. And I also want to emphasize how important the first semester is, to really get a head start. I believe that was the most crucial period for me.

So what happens now in your life? 

– I am leaving for university in a few days! I am going to Lund University to study physics!

It was lovely to meet our dear former student on this sunny and warm late summer day in August. And we were truly happy to share her laughter and good spirit, and to get the chance to see her off to University.

We wish Vanshika the best of luck in her future studies!

The Curt Nicolin award recognises students who reach 40 points or more. Beyond the recognition, all recipients are awarded a prize sum of SEK 10,000 while the student who rises to the top to achieve the highest overall score at SSHL receives an additional award sum of SEK 40,000.

Every year on Scholarship prize Day, we also recognise a large number of students with several other scholarships, awards and prizes.

Below: Vanshika visits SSHL in August 2022, and we get to share a few moments with her on campus.