Food & Dining

maten på sshl

We are extremely proud of the quality of food at SSHL. Every day breakfast, lunch and dinner is served and considerable focus is put on ensuring that it is of high quality and covers nutritional requirements.


Breakfast is served in the boarding houses. During the weekend brunch, which is very well thought of amongst students and staff alike, is served on weekends in the school diner. Lunch is served each day to all pupils seven days a week. There is always a choice of dishes available including fruit and salad.

Dinner is eaten in the boarding houses and this is an important part of the community spirit of SSHL. It’s also a great time to talk about the days events and upcoming activities. Sometimes students eat with their friends at another house.

Parents and relatives are, of course, also welcome to eat dinner at school and every year on parents’ day, parents take care of dinner.