Published 2 July 2020

Start of 2020-2021 academic year

Welcome to the academic year of 2020-2021.

School starts for all students on Monday 24 August. The beginning of this term will be somewhat different, considering the current situation. We ask for your understanding and look forward to a new and exciting year together!

During our two first weeks of school, no student will wear the school uniform, due to extended tryout schedule of uniforms for day students. Please see below.

Covid-19: The school’s action plan for Autumn Term 2020 – see below.

Please note the following dates and times:

New schedule for tryout of school uniform – Day students
For everyones safety, we are offering individual time slots for the school uniform tryout for our day students. The time schedule earlier announced is cancelled. Instead, we kindly ask you to book your time slot here:

Day student – girls:
Day student – boys:
New boarding students try out their uniforms according to a separate schedule on the arrival day 22 August. No booking required.

– To follow current restrictions, only one family member may accompany the student at the tryout.

Saturday 22 August – Check in and information for new boarding students
From 11.30: Check in at the boarding houses, new boarders only.

Afternoon: Information for new boarding students with guardians, in the aula.
School uniform tryout, according to separate schedule.

Sunday 23 August

From 12.00 – Check in at the boarding houses, returning boarders only.

For health and safety reasons, the following meetings take place without students, and with only one family member per student present:

9.00 – 10.00 – Information meeting for guardians of students in MYP2
Place: the aula. Optional meeting with the student’s mentor.

10.30 – 11.30 – Information meeting for guardians of students årskurs 7
Place: the aula. Sharing of class lists.
Optional meeting with the student’s mentor.

The following meetings will take place online:

13.00 – 14.00 – Information for guardians of students – all other classes
Place: Online meeting with mentors via Google Meet.
Invitation/link to the meeting will be sent by mentors via email.

14.00 – 15.00 – The Parents Association’s annual meeting – for all parents
Place: online meeting.
Invitation/link to the meeting will be sent out by the Parents Association.

Video – Welcoming speech by Principal Carina Nilsson
Will be distributed via email to all guardians via email.

Monday 24 August – Gathering for all students
Place: Midgårdstrappan. Dresscode: individual, no school uniform. Schedule:
08.15 – MYP5
08.45 – MYP2 and årskurs 7
09.15 – MYP3 and årskurs 8
09.45 – BM23, EK23, NA23, SA23
10.15 – MYP4 and årskurs 9
10.45 – DP21, DP22
11.15 – BM22, EK22, NA22, SA22
11.45 – BM21, EK21, NA21, SA21

Tuesday-Wednesday, 25-26 August – Introduction days for all students
8.00 – School starts. Introduction according to separate schedule.

If you have any questions, please call +46 8 592 571 00, or e-mail the office on

The school’s action plan before Autumn Term 2020 in regards to Covid-19

  • School Uniform – no student will wear a uniform during the first two weeks of school, as we will hand out the uniforms for day students during that period. The previous schedule for trying on uniforms has been cancelled and replaced with individually booked appointments: please see links above.
  • In case of illness – if a student becomes ill this student must immediately go home to their parents/guardians or Swedish guardians. A separate boarding home will be opened for boarding students who may not have parents/guardians in Sweden and who do not have a Swedish guardian; any sick students will be moved here immediately.
    – Any students who become ill must get tested for Covid-19 as soon as possible. In the event of a positive result, students must stay home, alternately in the separate boarding home until they have been symptom free for two (2) days.
    – In case of a negative test result, for example in case of a common cold, the student must stay at home until they feel better and only then return to school.
  • Dining Hall – we will be separating the student lunch times into several different buildings at different times. This is to avoid crowding and queuing.
  • Café Humlan – fewer students will be permitted in the cafe at the same time.
  • We will space out the tables in the classrooms as much as we can to make it as airy as possible.
  • We will be using more rooms in order to spread out as much as possible, and, among others, we will use the outdoor classroom.
  • Student Lockers – our boarding students will keep their belongings in the boarding homes to minimize crowding by the lockers.
  • Hand disinfectant will be available in all classrooms and other areas.
  • Aula Assembly – all Aula assemblies are cancelled through the Autumn term.
  • School Photos will be scheduled at a later time.
  • The school’s sport exchange with Herlufsholm’s Boarding School in Denmark as well as the Autumn term competitions are, regrettably, cancelled. Our other extra curricular activities will follow the rules and recommendations that are in place for Sweden.
  • Extra cleaning – our expanded cleaning schelde continues.
  • Face Mask – the wearing of a face mask is voluntary. It is up to the individual to get their own face mask if they want to wear it. Each and every person is also responsible to ensure they wear it correctly according to recommendations and that any school rules are still followed.
  • Distance Learning will not currently be offered, but it can be something that we may need to return to in the event that the infection rate increases, or if problems arise with public transportation.
  • Responsibility – we are all very happy to get the school started. If everyone respects and follows the rules and regulations put in place, it will increase the chances that we can continue to keep the school open. We must all adjust to the current situation and take responsibility.