Published 9 February 2022

SSHL Alumni Association arranged online student event

SSHL students took part of webinar, direct from CSG launch base in French Guiana

In December just before Christmas, the SSHL Alumni Association arranged a social webinar together with one of our student organisations, Stellar, featuring the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope.

Jörgen Sweeney is a boarding student at House Sandvreten and a student in class IB DP 22. As an active member of Stellar, he took part of the webinar:

– All students and staff were invited. Despite some minor technical difficulties during the event, the webinar was very captivating and much appreciated, Jörgen explains.

Charlotte Beskow, SSHL alumni, framför kontrollpanelen på European Spaceport

Charlotte Beskow, SSHL alumni, at her control panel. 

Charlotte Beskow, SSHL alumni of 1978, who now works for the ESA (European Space Agency), hosted the webinar online. She discussed the incredible undertaking it took to develop the telescope and the effort to create the mechanism for the telescope’s “unfolding” once in space.

– I studied the Natural Science Programme at SSHL (SHL) from 1974 and graduated 1978, Charlotte says. My parents were working abroad so I was a boarding student and I lived at House Berga.

Charlotte went on to study Electrical Engineering at Lund University. She has been working in the space industry since 1986:

– I saw a job ad from Saab Space and I thought that sounded really exciting. I was offered the position and moved to Gothenburg to work there. I have never hesitated to move for interesting projects, my profession has led me to many exciting places. I am very lucky to be working in the fascinating world of the space industry.

Jörgen, how was it to learn about the space telescope project?

– It felt as though a new era of astronomy has begun. With the Webb telescope successfully launched, scientists are now able to further our understanding of the universe and our place within it.

What will be your next event with Stellar?

– In April we will be visiting the oldest observatory in Stockholm as part of a school field trip. And until then, we will be having smaller projects at the school such as an event for Valentine’s day.

And what are your dreams and goals for the future?

– Charlotte has invited us to go to French Guiana and visit the European Spaceport, Jörgen reveals. We have been discussing whether this is a possibility for us, and, of course, we would love to go! As for Stellar, our goal of establishing our organisation at SSHL is near. We are really happy about the engagement we have received so far and we are hopeful for the future.


The James Webb Space Telescope
Mission: Exploring the Universe from the solar neighbourhood to the most distant galaxies.
Description: James Webb is a major space observatory, a successor to Hubble launched in 1990.

  • It has a large 6.5-metre mirror that will collect almost six times more light than Hubble.
  • It has been designed to see back to within a few 100 M years after the Big Bang.
  • It will address scientific topics such as detecting the first galaxies in the Universe and studying planets around other stars.

STELLAR is an SSHL student association connected to Astronomisk Ungdom that’s thinking about what is beyond our knowledge, deep in the depths of the universe.  This association is suitable for students who want to not only learn about space but also have a splendid time doing experiments or joining movie nights.

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Below: The James Webb telescope, launched from European Spaceport (Centre Spatial Guyanais; CSG) in French Guiana on 25 December 2021.