Published 10 December 2019

Global top IB Diploma students Annie and Victor return to SSHL

Two of our former students, Annie Wyon and Victor Oldensand, visited the school recently to receive The Curt Nicolin Academic Achievement Award. The Curt Nicolin award recognises the academic achievements of students on the IB Diploma Programme at SSHL.

Annie and Victor returned to SSHL to receive diplomas marking their extraordinary achievement; they both achieved the same IB Diploma score of 43 points. This puts them in the global top 2,5% of all IB Diploma students in the May 2019 examinations!

Annie och Victor tillsammans med Kerry Browning, rektor för IB-programmen på SSHL.

Annie and Victor together with Mrs Kerry Browning, Principal for IB Programmes at SSHL.

This is the best score at SSHL since 2012 and it is the first time the Curt Nicolin Academic Achievement Award has been awarded to multiple students in one year.

The Curt Nicolin award recognises students who reach 40 points or more. Beyond the recognition, all recipients are awarded a prize sum of SEK 10,000 while the student who rises to the top to achiev e the highest overall score at SSH over 40 point receives an additional award sum of SEK 40,000.

Every year on Scholarship prize Day, we also recognise a large number of students with several other scholarships, awards and prizes.

While visiting SSHL, Annie and Victor took the opportunity to share some advice with this year’s graduating class about how important extracurricular acrivities are to keep the mind sharp for academic achievement, and how time management skills are essential.

Victor is currently enrolled at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm while Annie is qualifications she needs to apply to an Engineering programme next year.

We wish Victor and Annie the best of luck in their future studies!