Published 16 September 2020

Stephanie is our highest achieving IB Diploma student 2020

One of our recent graduates, Stephanie Nyberg, visited SSHL today to receive The Curt Nicolin Academic Achievement Award. The award recognizes the academic achievements of students on the IB Diploma Programme at SSHL.

The award is usually presented at one of our school assemblies. This year, Stephanie received her diploma outside, on campus. Stephanies’ extraordinary achievement of 43 points was the highest score at SSHL last academic year and this puts her in the top of all IB Diploma students worldwide in the May 2020 examinations.

Stephanie is passionate about astronomy. At SSHL, she was one of the driving forces behind the Student Association Stellar. She is now studying physics at Uppsala University and her plan is to be a scientist. 

What do you think made you so successful in your studies at the IB Diploma Programme? 

– You have to start early, work hard from day one. And ask questions when you don’t understand, talk to your teachers, Stephanie says. They are always there for you! 

Stephanie Nyberg together with Ms Kerry Browning, Vice Principal for IB Programmes at SSHL and Mr Adrian Feehan, IB DP Coordinator and Teacher of Mathematics.

The Curt Nicolin award recognises students who reach 40 points or more. Beyond the recognition, all recipients are awarded a prize sum of SEK 10,000 while the student who rises to the top to achieve the highest overall score at SSHL over 40 points receives an additional award sum of SEK 40,000.

Every year on Scholarship prize Day, we also recognise a large number of students with several other scholarships, awards and prizes.

We wish Stephanie the best of luck in her future studies!