David Nikolov

I am proud to be a student attending SSHL

Originally from Bulgaria, David has lived in Austria and Australia. Despite having no connection to Sweden whatsoever, David and his family moved here in October 2021 so that David and his younger sister could enroll at SSHL.

– I chose SSHL because it is known as an ambitious and well-respected school and because it offers the International Baccalaureate programme in English, David says. The school campus is superb – a pleasure to be at every day. There are various places to study, relax, workout, walk, talk, etc. Its location right by Sigtuna’s center is another huge advantage, as one always has the opportunity to walk there for anything one needs, he continues.

David particularly enjoys the school’s music facilities as he is able to practice piano in-between classes. This is particularly helpful as he plans to study musical composition in the Netherlands after graduation.

David’s main highlights of his time at SSHL include the intramural league Hemserien:

– The games involve many different disciplines and are very entertaining to watch. Hemserien builds school spirit like no other event at SSHL!

He also underscores the amazing performances, skits, and events organized by SSHL’s school groups or boarding students. Notable examples include the annual Julspex (Christmas show) where each boarding house and the school’s day students get 10 minutes to joke, sing, dance, rap, and entertain in their own creative way on stage.

Nearing graduation, David reflects:

– Something I will miss about SSHL is its beautiful campus, creative community and ability to organize original, grand-scale events. The school always involves all students in activities, whilst keeping many traditions and cultural essentials alive. It shows great commitment, respect and effort towards its international community, and I am proud to be a student attending SSHL.