Carolina Wåhlin

Carolina is Swedish, but she had never lived in Sweden until she enrolled at SSHL

Carolina wanted to attend SSHL to follow in the footsteps of her two older sisters, one who graduated, and one who still attends SSHL and lives in the same boarding house.

While Carolina is Swedish, she had never lived in Sweden until she enrolled at SSHL. From the very start, she was excited both about the prospect of living in Sweden and of attending boarding school.

The contrast between her school in Switzerland and SSHL is stark, with the “overall system and experience being very different”. Carolina says the environment at SSHL is refreshing and that people are more down to earth here, despite many students coming from privileged backgrounds.

Although she has only completed half a school year so far, living at SSHL has allowed Carolina to improve her Swedish, make new, international friends, and take part in Swedish traditions, such as Lucia.

SSHL’s Lucia celebration is renowned and people from all across Sweden and other parts of the world come to experience it. Carolina was able to gain a spot in the choir in her first year and had the opportunity to participate in the magical December spectacle.