Middle Years Programme

SSHL offers two alternative academic routes through school from year 7 (approximate ages 12/13); either the Swedish national system, or the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). Each programme is specifically tailored to help students to prepare effectively for the next step in their school life at SSHL in high school.

IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)

At SSHL, students can choose to study through years 7-10 (including year 1 of ‘gymnasium‘) by following a fully accredited international curriculum designed by the International Baccalaureate Organization. The IB programmes are studied by well over a million students at different ages all over the world. As the first school in Sweden to offer the IB MYP programme, staff at SSHL has years of experience delivering this holistic curriculum. Students will be prepared not only for continuing their studies through the internationally acclaimed IB Diploma Programme (DP), but also more generally for life in an international environment. Those students who want to choose a Swedish ‘gymnasium’ programme after year 9 will have the requisite knowledge that their peers who have followed the Swedish ‘grundskola’ have acquired.

The MYP subjects are taught in English so that students are prepared for the IB DP, which is delivered in English.

Assessment on this route follows the IB MYP criteria and students receive IB grades 1-7.

In the MYP there are eight subject areas:

  • As Language and Literature on an advanced level, most students take both English and Swedish where both language skills and knowledge in literature are developed.
  • Swedish can also be studied as a Language Acquisition, at a beginners or more advanced level. As an additional ‘Modern language’ students can choose between French, German or Spanish at beginners level.
  • Mathematics is of course a critical component of the programme and we give support both to students who need the extra challenge and students who find Math hard.
  • Science, which includes Biology, Chemistry and Physics, is taught with a cross curricular approach.
  • Likewise, the Individuals and Societies, which include History/Global Politics, Geography, Religion and Civics, encourages genuine understanding across all areas of study. History continues into year 10, where also Philosophy/Critical Thinking and economics/business and management is offered.
  • In Design, students have the possibility to develop practical design skills and understanding of human ingenuity in the subjects Technology/Crafts, digital design and Home and Consumer Studies. Design finishes in year 9.
  • In the Arts, there are great opportunities to improve creative skills and students get to utilize the outstanding Visual Arts and Music facilities within the school. In year 10, the focus is on one of these subjects.
  • Finally, in Physical and Health Education, students learn to develop a better understanding of your health and well being and have access to the fantastic sports and outdoor recreation facilities SSHL has to offer.

In year 10 students develop independent research and study skills through the Personal Project. This project, which can be practical or theoretical, is ideally based around something the student is passionate about. It is designed to help the students succeed in the Extended Essay in the Diploma Programme or similar future large independent essays and projects.

Swedish national programme – ‘Svenska grundskolan’

Choosing a more traditionally Swedish curriculum in style and content, applying to year 7-9 in our ‘grundskola’, means that students have access to excellent teaching and learning opportunities across a broad range of academic disciplines. However, as a school with a uniquely international student and teacher-base, opportunities to really understand Sweden’s position in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world are valued highly by all members of the school community.

This route is particularly suited to students who wish to study in Swedish and who are thinking about continuing through into one of the Swedish gymnasium programmes of study that we offer and ultimately one of Sweden’s globally competitive universities.

Assessment on this programme follows The Swedish National Agency for Education’s knowledge demands in the LGR 11 curriculum and students are assessed are graded from A-F in all subjects.

By the end of year 9 at SSHL, students are confident and proficient in Swedish/Swedish as a second language, and have good skills in English, with the capacity to develop further. A third modern language (French, German, Mandarin or Spanish) should also have been studied, starting in year 7. Mathematics, along with the sciences (biology, chemistry and physics) are taught with a problem solving based approach, while the social sciences (history, geography, religion and civics) place a real emphasis on developing independent critical thinkers. Of equal importance at SSHL are the practical and aesthetic subjects. In physical education and health students get to use the school’s excellent in- and outdoor sports facilities, and in home and consumer studies, crafts and technology they develop their designing and making skills. Music and art provide great opportunities to develop creative skills using our professional facilities.

Two curricula with common goals

At SSHL, both the IB MYP and the Swedish programme at our ‘grundskola’ share important common features and goals. Fundamentally, they are both are about developing independent minded, communicative critical thinkers who use knowledge and understanding in combination with strong ethical values.

With us, students are educated to become young global citizens, with an understanding of what it means to be responsible and fair and in an educational context, with the desire and opportunity, through our, to make a real contribution to their own local community as well play a part in one of the school’s ongoing international projects.

Finally, we aim to ensure that every student is fully prepared to progress to the next level of academic study, be it within the IB Diploma or our Swedish ‘gymnasium’.