High School Programs in English


Business Management & Economics (bilingual)

The Business and Management Programme is a Swedish high school programme taught bilingual in English and Swedish. It is offered as an alternative to the IB Diploma Programme and is identical to Ekonomiprogrammet taught in Swedish here at SSHL. It runs over three years, starting year 10.

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IB Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme is recognized by universities in over a hundred countries. Its high academic requirements and cross-disciplinary international approach is an outstanding preparation for university studies. Administered by the IB Organisation in The Hague, the IB is taught in over 1,200 schools worldwide. The two-year program culminates with written and oral exams assessed by the organisation’s external examiners. The programme is demanding and particularly suits motivated students with high educational goals as well as those without the formal Swedish academic requirements to be admitted to the national programmes.

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IB CP Business & Hospitality Management

The IB Career-related Programme Business & Hospitality Management combines academic studies and experience from the industry including internships and other work place experiences, designed to facilitate the mobility of students and to promote international understanding.

The career-related programme is an international education recognized by a range of universities, colleges and other educators worldwide. It prepares you for an employment in the Hospitality industry as well as higher education in Business and Hospitality management.

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