Summer Courses

Welcome to Summer School 2021

We look forward to Summer School 2021!
We are now adapting our summer courses so that you may visit the school under safe and secure conditions.

Discover Sweden at SSHL

Here at SSHL, we want to help Swedish expatriates, their offspring and descendants from all over the world to strengthen and maintain a deep and personal connection with Sweden. That’s why we offer a selection of summer programmes that appeal to a wide range of students.

From committed and engaged teachers, to a gorgeous campus overlooking Lake Mälaren, to the peers you’ll room with in one of our boarding houses, a summer course at SSHL is an unforgettable experience. Our courses are perfect for anyone who is curious to discover what Sweden is like, or who wants to get in touch with their roots.

Beginners are welcome

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to brush up, we welcome all language levels in our Swedish Intensive Course Ages 7-12 and Ages 13-16. Spend the second half of July improving your Swedish through practical speaking and writing practice, as well as an exploration of literature.

Curious about Swedish society outside of the classroom? You’ll also learn about history, geography, and culture through both small group-based learning and larger group events with your fellow students. In addition to arranged trips to Uppsala and Stockholm, we encourage members of this course to explore Sigtuna town, with its thousand years of rich history.

Up close and personal

Our Mathematics Intensive Course offers support for students seeking extra assistance in maths, as well as opportunities for students looking to take their studies even further. You’ll be placed in a small group (10 members per group, maximum) based on your level and preferred instruction language (Swedish or English). The course runs during the final week of July and focuses on independent study with teacher support, as well as teacher-led sessions.

While the course is intensive and math-focused, you’ll still have a balance between study and free time. Luckily, staff from the recreation department will be here to make sure you never have a dull moment. You’ll have access to everything from sports, to yoga, to creative activities.

Are you ready?

Over the years, our summer programs have given students the opportunity to both better their knowledge of a given subject and spend a series of memorable days with new friends. This summer, you have the chance do something exciting and unique. Come see what Sweden has to offer, connect with your peers from around the world, and immerse yourself in a holistic approach to learning. Apply today, and get ready for your best summer ever.