Published 15 February 2021

The Kenya Project celebrates 15 years

Since the start of the Kenya Project in 2006 we have celebrated many milestones and have made a large change for the Wagve community in Kenya.

Today, 16th February 2020,  we celebrate the projects’ 15 year anniversary!

Throughout the years we have made major strides to educate as many children as possible and teach them about love, respect, unity and responsibility. Our motto is education for a sustainable future and we believe every child has the right to a good education.

The Kenya Project is a non-profit organization at SSHL that strives to educate the poor children in Wagve, Kenya, and provide them with clean water, food, and the possibility of a brighter future. Many students from SSHL have been involved in the project and today we have over 50 active members throughout the school.

The project started as a scholarship program for two young girls named Agnes and Dianah. As more students from SSHL became involved and more people started to donate, the project was able to purchase land in Wagve and start building a primary school building in November of 2012.

The school was named the Mama Norah Education Centre after one of the village matriarchs Mama Norah. Mama Norah had a big influence over the village as she helped the women in the village with childbirth for many years and opened her home to everyone who needed help.

Since then the school has grown to three pre-primary school classes and 1-6 standard level classes  with over 160 children. The children are provided two nutritious meals a day and a good education and clean water. An additional school building was built and finished in 2020. The cost of educating a child is SEK 200 per month and this covers the cost of food, teachers salary and other necessary costs related to the school.

The Kenya Project and the Mama Norah Education Centre not only helps its students but the community as a whole. During the Covid-19 pandemic the schools seamstress Frida has been sewing reusable face masks for the people in Wagve and local university students have been going to our library to study and participate in online lessons. The Kenya Project wants to help the whole Wagve community. 

We are very thankful to everyone who has supported and helped us these last 15 years! We hope that we can continue to educate the children in Wagve and provide them with a bright future. We are very grateful for all the private donors and the LIONS club for supporting us throughout the years. Thank you! 

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By: Annick Muselaers