Published 30 March 2022

The new Aula will be built on the same site as the old

On the last day of February last year, the school’s historic assembly hall – the Aula – was set on fire and could not be saved. The nearly 100-year-old historic building burned to the ground.

One issue we have been working on intensively since the fire is the location of a new assembly hall. The school’s project group has done extensive research work to look at different possibilities. Could one find a different, more suitable location than the previous one, given the area’s conditions and the school’s future plans?

The school board has now decided that the best alternative is for the reconstruction of the aula to take place on the original site. 

The financing of the new aula is being secured, and before construction starts, there are also many other parts that must be planned and fall into place. A possible scenario is that the new assembly hall is built so that it joins with the school’s sports hall and in this way creates a unit that contains premises for both sports, leisure, meetings and gatherings.

Carina Nilsson, principal:

– It is nice that we now have a decision on the location, even though we currently cannot say when construction will begin. But the start of the project is expected for the Fall of 2022.

Carina Nilsson, rektor, SSHL

Carina Nilsson, Principal and CEO at SSHL.

Since the fire, the school has struggled with a lack of space and it has been a challenging puzzle to make the operations work. The aula is a central and important place for our students and activities. We lost not only our assembly hall, but also offices, writing, and art rooms, as well as  the school gym.

– I look forward with confidence to new and joyful events in the aula which has meant so much to all of us over the years, Carina ends.

Below: Aerial photo of the old assembly hall, autumn 2020.