Published 17 March 2022

Tobias Rawet lectured for all students and answered questions

Today, we received a nice and very important visit to the school. Mr Tobias Rawet, a Holocaust survivor, came to SSHL to meet students from the school’s History Association and answer the students’ questions. 

This week, all students got to listen to a lecture with Mr Rawet, where he spoke about his life and his experiences from his time in the ghetto and concentration camps. A story that is very difficult and frightening, but which also contains light and joy. Mr Rawet has a fantastic way of telling stories, which embraces both sorrow and darkness but also vitality and love.

After the lecture, all students got to share their questions with our students in the History Association, who passed the questions on to Tobias. Today we followed up the lecture by listening to Tobias’ answers.

Elever i Historieföreningen på SSHL

Some of the students from History Association at SSHL.

The students’ questions were about the time in the ghetto and the concentration camp, about the memories, the wounds and the losses. But, they also asked about his life after the war and how he lives his life today, about his family, all his children and grandchildren. Tobias shared his thoughts on education and working life, career, and life in general – in a way that is very special when a person has lived for 86 years.

We are so grateful that Tobias is here to tell us about his experiences. And, we are so happy that he wanted to visit us at SSHL on this sunny day in March 2022.

Elever från Historieföreningen ställer frågor till Tobias Rawet

Tobias Rawet survived the Holocaust. When he was three years old, he was taken to the ghetto in Łódź, and a few years later to the Ravensbrück concentration camp. At the age of six, he was close to being taken to the gas chambers. Most of his Jewish relatives were killed, but he and his parents survived.

For 25 years, Tobias has lectured around Sweden and the world about his experiences and devoted his retirement life to spreading knowledge about what happened during the Holocaust. It took a long time before he started telling what he had been through. But after watching the news how a denier told him that the Holocaust had not happened, he realized that he could not be silent anymore.

Tobias Rawet träffar rektor Carina Nilsson

Tobias Rawet together with SSHL Principal Mrs Carina Nilsson.