Published 18 January 2021

Winners at ISA 2021!

Hooray and congratulations to our fantastic students in the Design and Technology Group as they were awarded winners at the International School Awards today.

The winners were just announced at an award ceremony broadcast live from London this morning.

This year our students were nominated in two categories with two separate initiatives: Design and Technology Group in the category “Environmental Initiative” and The Kenya Project in the category “Community Initiative”.

Both student organisations are characterized by a passionate commitment, great creativity, and a will to make a difference for both the environment and humanity.

Congratulations are in order for both of our nominated student organisations, we are all proud of the dedication and commitment that brought you here!

Read more about the many exciting projects in the Design and Technology Group

The Design and Technology Group are currently working with a number of projects in which discarded technology is repurposed to create new and sustainable technology. The group has created a 3D printer made almost entirely of scrap, a disinfection chamber for Covid-19, reconstructed useless computers, and much more. This year they are building a standalone drone that will help reforestation, and a prototype of an energy-efficient and smart home.

The Kenya Project is a small charity founded by students at SSHL in 2006 to provide children in the small village of Wagve, Kenya, with an education. The Kenya Project has completed many successful projects in the small community. But, the crowning achievement has been to build a school, the Mama Norah Education Center, which they also currently fund.

International School Awards is an annual school competition where international schools from all over the world participate with initiatives in different categories. 

Only 44 competitors are selected for the final round, with three finalists in each category. The competition’s organisational team have announced that the breadth of the entries are exceptional this year, especially taking into account how difficult and challenging the year 2020 has been for students and educators. 

Last year, SSHL:s young researchers in the group Think Tank were nominated in the category  “Future Thinking”, and represented SSHL at the awards ceremony in London.

Below: DTG winners ISA 2021; Georgios, Matteo and Elias in Design and Technology Group are winners in the category Environmental Initiative at International School Awards 2021.