Publicerat 2 augusti 2017

Term-time Approaching

Dr Margret Benedikz, SSHL Director, writes:

The leadership and admin team are back at school this week, preparing for the start of the new academic year. I hope that everyone in the SSHL community has found time to step aside from their daily routine, whether it’s study or work, and get some much needed rest this summer,

I (grudgingly) enjoy the return of my regular routine and, although the first day or two back can be a challenge, I am soon caught up in the excitement of running such a wonderful school.

As I sit here in my office overlooking the lake, the campus bathed in sunshine, I can’t help but be inspired. SSHL is truly a special place to work and study.

Welcome to SSHL

We are excited to meet the new boarding and day pupils who will be starting in August. For returning students, I am sure you will work hard to make new students feel welcome, helping them to feel part of life on campus, sharing in the day-to-day spirit that makes the school so special. As a Swedish school, an international school, a boarding school and a day school, we are such a diverse community; we are unique. Those of you who are new to the school, will, no doubt, bring something new, making the school your very own.

Academic Excellence

Every year we vow to raise the bar and do better than we did last year.

When I started at SSHL in 2013, raising the grade average for entry to the high school was one of our key targets. I am proud to tell you that grade average to enter 10th grade this year is higher than it has been in the last five years. The commitment and professionalism of our staff is helping us to make SSHL an academically very strong school, providing a platform for our students to go on to something special after graduation. Students entering SSHL in 2017 will be expected to go far!

Our ninth graders are going to have to work hard to compete for a place in our senior high school. It is a challenge, particularly if your grades in 8th grade have not been fantastic, but I know from experience that hard work and determination will help anyone looking to stay on at SSHL achieve their goals. It’s not too late!

As a staff, one of our focal points for the coming year to work on and improve our systematic quality processes, which includes reporting. We also aim to promote collegial learning, improve attendance, and create a more structured and transparent boarding programme. One of the things we are examining is whether to introduce an official boarding diploma.

Having worked in school management for over a decade, I know there is always room for improvement, and I know we as professionals are all up to the challenge.

When to Be Here

I look forward to welcoming the new boarders at SSHL on Saturday, August 19, and returning students on Sunday, August 20 for the opening ceremony.

Together, in the forthcoming academic year, we will create a stronger community of sharing and learning. I hope that this will be the best year yet!

Enjoy your last days of the summer vacation.
My very best to you all,