Making friends for life

You are an important part of our unique alumni network! Your connection with SSHL does not end at graduation. On the contrary, it’s an exciting evolution of your involvement and contribution.

New digital alumni directory

Please visit our new digital alumni directory to update your information. By updating your contact details, we will be able to keep in touch regarding news and events according to your preference.

  • Would you like to get involved with our Mentorship Programme?
  • Are you interested in volunteering as a guest lecturer?
  • Would you like to get in touch with your graduation class?

We are developing an improved digital alumni directory to make it easier to stay in touch and to strengthen our network.

This is what you receive as a member

The purpose of the Association is to strengthen and consolidate the affinity between its members and to support Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket, SSHL. As a member you receive:

  • access to a vast network; contact with the school and your peers
  • access to the members register, to search for school mates
  • invitation to the yearly jubilee day ‘Dekaden’ at the school
  • invitations to other events, in Sweden and abroad
  • newsletters
  • our magazine Suum Cuique / Vi och Vårt
  • opportunities to support current students through the SSHL Alumni Mentorship program, as a mentor

Contact SSHL Alumni Association

Are you an alumnus who wants to get involved in any way? Would you like to give a guest lecture, establish a grant or offer an internship to an individual student? Please contact:

SSHL Alumni Association
Frans Malmros, FSF Treasurer
Tel no: 0705 931381

The door is always open to our former students and families!