Published 25 November 2021

An emotional return to SSHL

This week we were delighted to receive a visit by our alumni Marc Maasland, Stud 19. Maybe you recognize his name, as we previously wrote about Marc and his interest in rowing?

Marc is currently studying Hospitality management at The Hague Hospitality Business School in the Netherlands and is doing his internship at Hotel Sankt Petri in Copenhagen. It was a loving reunion with our staff which brought back many memories, but Marc also held an inspiring presentation for all our students in IB Career-related Programme and MYP5.

Marc visited SSHL together with Mark Hermanns, who is Account Manager at The Hague. Together, they provided our students with a good insight into the education, life as a student and the job opportunities that open up after graduation.

They definitely managed to convey their passion for the Hospitality Industry, which is so much more than hotels and restaurants. This created great interest among the students who had many curious questions about admission and eligibility, the specializations you can choose and what grades are required to enter.

A choice of education he did not plan

Marc attended the IB Diploma Program at SSHL and graduated in 2019. He was a boarder at House Sandvreten. During his visit, he took the opportunity to eat dinner and join the Home Series together with his old House.

He feels that his studies at The Hague suits him perfectly. Marc was initially set on studying Business Administration in South Africa, but Hotelschool The Hague proved to be the more complete alternative:

– Hospitality is really not just about restaurants and hotels, it’s business management with customer service, finance, marketing, HR and so much more, says Marc. He continues:

– The best thing about The Hague University is that you “breathe and live” hospitality management, since you study the theory while at the same time running a hotel, restaurant, bar and café.

A big advantage to be a former IB student

Something that Marc has become aware of, which he also shared with the students, is that even though he found it rather hard to study at IB MYP and DP, he now has a big advantage at the university since he is used to good study techniques, research and hard work:

– Even if you do not have top grades, you will manage the education well. As long as you have a goal that you follow and as long as you are open to taking in all parts.

We look forward to hearing from Marc soon again to follow his exciting career in the Hospitality Industry!

Hotelschool The Hague is a single sector university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. It was founded and funded in 1929 by the hospitality industry. In 2010, Hotelschool The Hague founded its university-wide Research Centre, focusing on interdisciplinary research with a strong practice-oriented focus. The university is one of the five highest ranked schools in the world for Hospitality and Leisure education (QS ranking).

Marc Maasland besöker SSHL och berättar om Hotelschool The Hague

Marc Maasland, stud -19, besöker SSHL och berättar om Hotelschool The Hague.