Published 26 March 2024

Experiments beyond boundaries on International Eratosthenes Day

On 21 March, SSHL had the pleasure of joining hands with EA, a school in Athens, Greece, to commemorate International Eratosthenes Day.

Our students in Design and Technology Group DTG embarked on an exciting journey to estimate the Earth’s perimeter through innovative experiments and collaborative efforts.

Two parallel experiments

In a nod to the ancient Greek polymath Eratosthenes, our students delved into two distinctive experiments. The first involved measuring the length of shadows cast by a stick at noon. Through meticulous calculations, they determined the angle of the sun’s radiant beam, laying the groundwork for their estimations.

The students then took the challenge a step further, blending physics, geometry, and robotics into a captivating experiment. Crafting a mechanical base equipped with a 10W PV panel, they sought to optimize its inclination to the sun during noon. By discerning the optimal angle, they could derive the sun’s angle with the horizon with unprecedented precision.

Meanwhile in Athens

At the same time, EA’s students in Athens embarked on an identical journey, conducting parallel experiments and sharing their findings with us. The  students from both schools had the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas about the methods and materials they used to build the base for the PV.

Eleverna på AE skolan i Aten samarbetar med SSHLs elever i ett experiment

Students at EA School in Athens in parallel experiment cooperation with SSHL students.

The remarkable result

The culmination of our efforts astounded us all. We arrived at a remarkable estimation through meticulous analysis and collaboration: a meridional circumference of approximately 40416 km. Astonishingly close to the actual meridional circumference of the Earth, which stands at 40008 km!

These experiments marks the beginning of future cooperation between the students of SSHL and EA, extending beyond geographical boundaries. Together, we aim to delve into co-design, sustainability citizenship, circular economy, and NEBLAB, fostering innovation and sustainability for a brighter future.

Reflection of dedication and ingenuity

As we anticipate the cloudy weather during the Equinox in Sigtuna, we reflect on the dedication and ingenuity demonstrated by our students. Their pursuit of knowledge and exploration echoes the curiosity of Eratosthenes himself, bridging cultures and continents in a quest to understand our world.

Thank you to EA for joining us on this exhilarating journey, and to all the students and educators whose passion and commitment made this International Eratosthenes Day an unforgettable experience! 

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