Guest Lecturer at today’s Assembly: Peter Wallenberg Jr.

Peter Poker Wallenberg gästföreläser på SSHL

Peter Poker Wallenberg as guest speaker at SSHL during today´s assembly.

Peter  “Poker” Wallenberg was invited to speak to the SSHL students at today’s assembly. He chose to recount his journey through life that put him where he is today.  He began his story at age 11 on the day he arrived here to attend Sigtunaskolan and to begin life as a boarding student. He hasn’t moved back to his boyhood home since that day.

Peter asks the audience if they think he enjoyed life as a boarding student. They respond with a resounding “YES”, and he knowingly affirms their sentiment!

Aulan fylldes snabbt un der dagens samling.

The assembly hall filled up quickly today.

“I missed my mother of course, but the camaraderie and community spirit at Sigtunaskolan more than made up for it. The friendships I forged here in Sigtuna have given me strength and support throughout my life,” he tells the students.  His life as a boarder here in Sigtuna has made a huge impression on him, and the friends he made here are still with him.

He tells us that he was a bit mischievous as a student and that he often fell for peer pressure.  His greatest academic challenge was his motivation. His interest in the hospitality industry began as a 13 year-old when he began working as a breakfast waiter during the summers. This interest has stuck with him throughout his life.

I’ve given many different professions and jobs a go. But hospitality was really something I enjoyed! I love to serve people.

Finally, he concludes that to stay motivated you should follow your heart and figure out what you truly want to do.  That is the best way to feed your motivation to learn and to study. Most importantly, take responsibility for the decisions you make in life.

SSHL is still important to him, and as one of the trustees of the school he visits frequently.  

During his visit  today he also made time to speak with the school management.

We are very grateful to Mr. Wallenberg for taking time out of his day to come and visit us and talk to both staff and students.

SSHL is run by the Sigtuna School Foundation with the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation as one of the school’s trustees. Read more about the school’s history here

SSHL alumni are very active and involved in school life. Read more about the SSHL Alumni Association here.

Peter tog även chansen att prata med skolans ledning.

Peter also made time to speak with the school management during today´s visit.