School Life

A First-rate Education

Staying at a boarding school is both instructive and challenging. You live alongside approx. 30 other boys or girls of different ages and backgrounds, which creates a unique harmony. However, it also means showing respect to others and that everyone needs to take responsibility for their own actions. There are 7 student houses to choose from: 3 for girls and 3 for boys. Each house has a slightly different profile, but all have high standards with comfortable common areas often used for various activities.

Helping you develop to your full potential

There are approximately 200 boarding students and 500 day students at SSHL, although this can vary from year to year. At present, the boarding school comprises seven student houses, of which three are for girls, three are for boys and one is a mixed home for the middle school pupils. House parents (on duty 24-7) and House Tutors are there to help students deal with the challenge of studying at a boarding school. We are committed to helping every student develop to the fullest of their potential.

The student houses help to develop qualities you’ll benefit from for the rest of your life. You learn to take care of yourself and to be open and considerate towards other people.

Students playing chess at House Backa

Students playing chess at House Backa

In your free time, there are great opportunities to develop your personal interests in sport, music, art, drama and much more. Throughout the school year, the “house series” is a contest including a range of sporting competitions and other activities between the houses.

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Lots to Do When You’re Outside the Classroom

SSHL also offers a wide range of recreational activities including both aesthetic activities as well as the physical. Day students have basically the same access to the range of recreational activities as the boarders. For students interested in sports, there are opportunities to participate in international sports competitions as part of NECIS. SSHL participates each year in various events and these are much appreciated and help create fraternity. SSHL is also part of the SIPSI sporting competitions between Swedish schools.

Weekends often have common events such as the school disco, movie night or more traditional activities such as making gingerbread houses or treasure hunts. The individual boarding houses also have their own events such as spa and cosy evenings. About every third weekend, students go home to see their families. Those who are unable to do so have a Swedish guardian who takes responsibility for them over the weekend. The Swedish guardian is often a relative or close friend of the family.

Day students are affiliated to one of the student houses and are always welcome to socialise with their friends there and take part in activities concerning the whole school. In the afternoons, there is help with homework and you can always get extra study support if required.


SSHL’s beautiful campus has its very own shop, called Utis, where you can buy school materials and a selection of clothing featuring the school’s emblem.

School History

In the early 1920s, there were two boarding schools of note in Sigtuna. Sigtunastiftelsens Humanistiska Läroverk, founded by bishop Manfred Björkquist and Sigtunaskolan, founded by theologian Harry Cullberg. In 1980, they merged to form Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket, SSHL as we know it today. Since then, the school has become the lead boarding school in Sweden because of how we bring together high academic standards with an emphasis on the importance of recreation to learning.

SSHL is situated on Sigtuna’s western slope, the same site where SHL once stood. The unique school campus is framed by beautiful natural surroundings with a view over Lake Mälaren.