Life at Boarding School

Life as a Boarding Student at SSHL

Because we offer programmes in both Swedish and English we have a diverse student body. Many of our students have parents living and working abroad so they choose to come to SSHL because we offer an excellent education at a school which follows the very best Swedish traditions. Other students come from different parts of the country, wanting to experience life at Sweden’s leading boarding school, where you are encouraged and supported to develop to the fullest of your ability.

International Students

At SSHL we also have students who have no connection to Sweden whatsoever; they’ve chosen to study with us because of the academic and boarding facilities here at SSHL, and a desire to experience life in Sweden.

This unique blend of Swedish and international students makes SSHL the ideal school to pursue academic excellence whilst living and working in the safe and beautiful surroundings of the Swedish countryside.

Students playing chess at the Backa Boarding House

Students playing chess at the Backa Boarding House

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Boarding Houses

Students live in one of the Houses on campus, just a few minutes walk from the school’s teaching and sports facilities. Approximately 30 students between the ages of 14-20 live in each of the well-equipped Houses.

As well as studying together, students participate in all aspects of communal life including the extracurricular activities that are an important part of daily life at the school. Activities include sports competitions, drama, music, film evenings, dinner with friends and so on.

On certain weekends it’s obligatory to stay at school and on these occasions it’s not unusual for the whole House to hang out and do something fun together.

The best things with going to a boarding school is that you learn to take care of yourself. Plus you’re always with your friends. [Here at SSHL] there’s always a teacher on hand if you need a bit of extra study help,” says William.

The majority of students board at SSHL for three years, but some students who take the MYP programme and then go onto take the high school programme are with us for six years!

House Parents & Academic Tutors

Each House has house parents and an academic tutor. House parents are present around the clock and involved in the lives of the students they live with, giving friendly support and guidance. Academic tutors provide academic support six days a week outside class.

Parents Always Welcome

During the year numerous spontaneous dinners and activities are organised by parents or family who visit. These visits are always appreciated by students and house parents alike.

There are currently seven boarding houses at SSHL: 3 for boys and 3 for girls as well as a mixed home for middle school pupils. During your first year you usually share a room with someone the same age as you. High school students in their final years are offered a single room.

Home Tel Mobile Mail
Berga 08-592 571 46 073-274 8754
Haga 08-592-571 49 073-274 8756
Herrgården 08-592 571 50 070-1040029
Midgården 08-592 571 52 073-274 8759
Sandvreten 08-592 571 53 073-274 8760
Skoga 08-592 571 54 073-2748762 skoga@sshlse
Backa 08-592 571 55 073-274 8755

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