Swedish foundations

Scholarships from Swedish foundations and funds

Boarding students at SSHL may apply for the following scholarships to cover part of the boarding fees:

Scholarships from Swedish foundations and funds

The school’s scholarship committee meets in late May/June each year regarding the following Swedish foundations:

  • Knut och Alice Wallenbergs stiftelse
  • Oscar Ekmans Minnesfond
  • Oscar Ekmans stiftelse for Sverige i utlandet
  • Oscar och Maria Ekmans Donationsfond
  • Stiftelsen Harry Cullbergs Fond (refers primarily to the children of former students at Sigtunaskolan)

Only one application needs to be filled in for all grants mentioned above.

  • The application form below should be used (pdf).
  • Applications not completed as described below will not be processed.

The last day to apply is 30 April. Send the application to scholarship@sshl.se.

SSHL’s contact person regarding scholarships is available via +46 8 592 57100 and scholarship@sshl.se.

Prerequisites and application

The following prerequisites apply to scholarships mentioned above:

  • Swedish citizen.
  • Good behaviour and order.
  • Likelihood of benefitting from the programme.
  • Active participation in school events and willingness to contribute positively to relations at the school.
  • Complete application documentation as per below.
  • Documented need for financial support.
  • Application for these scholarships is on a school year basis, but awarded per term. The application must be renewed before each school year.


  • Photo.
  • When applying for a scholarship for the first time a pupil must submit a personal written statement on the theme of ”The contribution I can make to life at SSHL”, as an appendix to the application.
  • When applying for a continued scholarship the pupil must submit a summary of what they have contributed to the school environment during the past academic year.
  • A personal letter from the parents in support of their application for a scholarship.
  • Documentation of annual income for both parents for the last two years, as well as any financial assets. The need for financial support must be documented and substantiated with, for example, a Swedish income tax return or any equivalent. Students whose fees are being covered by businesses may apply for a scholarship. Applications from such individuals will be formerly noted and taken into due consideration.
  • A reference from the mentor or academic tutor at the current school.
  • A reference from the current house parent/master/mistress if boarding.
  • Applications not completed as described above will not be processed.