Curt Nicolin Foundation

Curt Nicolin 60 years

The Foundation for International Baccalaureate - IB

Students at SSHL’s international high school programme IB may apply for this scholarship to cover part of the school fees.

The school’s scholarship committee meets in May/June regarding the following Swedish foundation:

The Foundation for the international high school IB – Curt Nicolin 60 years

  • The scholarship application must be completed and submitted for the above foundation.
  • For the application, use the form in the link below.
  • Applications not completed as described below will not be processed.

The last day to apply is 30 April. Send your application to:

SSHL’s contact person regarding scholarships is available via tel no +46859257100, and

Prerequisites and application

The following prerequisites apply to scholarships mentioned above:

  • Good behaviour and order.
  • Likelihood of benefitting from the programme.
  • Complete application documentation as per below.
  • Application for these scholarships is on a school year basis, but awarded per term. The application must be renewed before each school year.

Please attach the following to your application:

1. A personal letter from the parents in support of their application for a scholarship:

When applying for a scholarship for the first time the student must submit a personal written letter in English as follows:

The IB learner profile is at the core of an IB education. It represents the ten characteristics valued by IB world schools;
– Inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective.

Please tell us about yourself and include some examples of when you have used one or more of the IB learner profile characteristics. How do you hope to develop as part of the SSHL IB high school programme?

2. A reference from the mentor or academic tutor at the current school.

3. Most recently received school grades from the current school.

Applications not completed as described above will not be processed.